Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Twelfth Night

Every year there is a dispute in our house about when we should take the decorations down; it must be on - or is it by - twelfth night and is that 5 or 6 Jan? Sam and I counted back this year and decided it was the eve of 6 Jan so in fact 5 Jan. Anyway Stewart failed to send me 12 drummers drumming to help out so I left my sick bed today to drag down all of the baubles and bunting. Clearly no-one told our Nordic Pine non-shed Christmas tree what non-shed means as when I headed back to bed Stewart was clearing up a carpet of pine needles stretching from the front to the back of the house.

Every year I feel sad when it's all gone but thankfully the cold was making me feel too wretched to wonder if I will be getting the decorations down again next Christmas and if so what I will have been through on the way. Frankly if any of it is worse that this cold I am going to turn into a moaning old bag. OK, OK a bigger moaning old bag.

It's snowing outside and it looks beautiful from my comfy old bed; glad I am not out in it mind you, so at last I have found something positive to say about all the snot and the phlegm. And hey we have the decorations down so no bad luck on the horizon for us; that is if we have the date right.

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