Monday, January 18, 2010

Danny's finger

The sun has forced me to hoover and mop today; dust and cobwebs galore showing up. The glass doors too are covered in tiny hand prints belonging to Harry and Danny who visited last time we were here. This makes me shudder not because I have to get the window cleaning stuff out but because Danny's hand very nearly wasn't how it appears on my filthy windows.

On Friday they came to see us before we left for France. I opened the door and in he marched, he is 14 months and has been walking for four of those months; he is fast on his pins now even though he still has a straight legged frogmarch gait. Harry hung back and I did with him. We heard a crash, Danny had lifted a heavy glass vase, fallen on it as it broke and there was blood everywhere. It was gushing from his hand and Jess and Tom rushed him off to hospital. It turned out that he had severed an artery, two tendons and two nerves in his little finger. He was operated on the next day for three hours and they mended it. Luckily the duty plastic surgeon for that day was a world renowned expert on hands.

It makes me think again how close we are to disaster all of the time; I had no idea we had arteries in our fingers, I must have come close to cutting mine a million times as I cut myself nearly every time I chop anything. Anyway at the moment Danny would leave boxing glove shaped smears on my windows as I am told he has a large dressing which he keeps offering up for kisses.

We are hiding all the vases and the blood is cleared away so we will avoid similar disasters we hope; and let's hope too that all other disasters in our family are put on hold. Let Danny's finger be enough for now.


  1. We've been the proud donors of some of those glove kisses. Moe in particular has been smearing saliva all over Danny!

    Danny has been a trooper, and Jess and Tom have my deepest admiration for the way they've handled such a scary thing.

  2. ack! oy! I just had my 16 month old grandson here and FORTUNATELY nothing got broken, pulled down, or smashed. I broke a few nice glasses over the holiday, but cleaned them up in a jiffy! :) patti