Monday, January 11, 2010


There is a relativity in death I suppose. I face my own with a little more certainty than I did this time last year and that pretty tough on me and mine but I know there are people following this blog who have suffered beyond the limits that most of us can imagine. Mostly it's about losing a child and that is a horror none of us wish to ever have to go through. I write this because my good friend Rudy is facing a dreadful anniversary this week; his 17 year old daughter, Anna, was beaten into a coma she didn't recover from on 13 Jan 2009. It's so awful all we want to do is scream along with him; another friend and reader has just seen the 5th anniversary pass of the tsunami that swept away his beautiful daughter. Another had a baby that breathed too soon and another a lovely son who fell victim to leukaemia. All, I know, would help Rudy if they could just as they help me by sending words of support and by being my friend; all would say that you learn to smile again and mean it.

Kathryn says that James her son only feels a membrane away from her and I like that thought. But she also said life is such an arse at times and she is dead right.

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  1. I've been thinking about this post since I read it, and meaning to come back and leave a comment.

    Thank you for remembering. Your thoughts are very welcome and very precious.