Monday, January 4, 2010

Love and infection

Been in bed for last couple of days fighting the big C - not the Cancer this time but an absolutely dreadful Cold that has come at the worst possible time. We had a smashing New Year's Eve and the picture above shows me and mine just before we sat down to eat. Quite daunting that so many people emerged from us or got hooked up to us after that first encounter at the bus stop 45 years ago. What you can't see are the bugs dancing around with the family smiles making a bee line for me, seated in middle; Harry- grumpy little one on back row and Julie, wife of Sam - originator of cold - second from rt standing. So that by the weekend we were all streaming and spreading more bugs to our friends and family.

I have discovered something else about love and pain. Everybody always hugs you on the right side and often adds a little beating of the shoulder blade to show depth of affection. Lovely but when you have just had the Rolle treatment it can be more breathtaking than heretofore. So the midnight moment was not coloured by worries about what 2010 might have in store for us all but with more scar bashing and sloppy bug spreading kisses.

Don't stop however friends and family hugs a plenty in 2010 please even if accompanied by bugs and bruises.

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  1. Great to hear that you had a wonderful party and sorry to hear that you caught a cold. I feel with you - I have got one, too. Thinking a lot of you! Angelika