Friday, June 24, 2011

Watch this space

Had a few ups and downs recently

But watch this space

Thursday, June 9, 2011

First trip, first real job

I went to see Dr Peake last Friday, having waited the statutory two hours, I finally got into see him. He felt my stomach and noted the growth there but said he couldn't really make a judgement until the scan results came through. We discussed treatment options, he doubled my steroids to 4mg a day and he promised to call with the results while we are in Sandringham.

Trouble is I do feel a change for the worst has occurred, as I keep having to sit up when I am asleep, to aid the gurgling in my stomach. Funnily enough it's making me sleep better and I am getting a good six hours of admittedly strange sleep but six hours none the less.

We are getting packed for our first trip, I have written my lists and Stewart is doing his ironing and worrying, so nothing changes there. We will set out at about 11ish once the District Nurses have been, dressed my pressure sore etc. The etc involves hands up bum but we wont go there! We will take in lunch on the way, as usual, and try to be as dreadfully normal as possible. I am really looking forward to it, if a tad apprehensively.

And meanwhile, Sam, husband of Julie, father to Max and Charlie, number one son to me and Stewart has got a job. OK he only came second in the interviews but given that the woman they chose had to travel form Marseilles to Lille, ie about as far as you can go in France, perhaps this was yet another piece of French bureaucracy gone mad. Well done Sam!