Sunday, January 17, 2010

Free and radical

We've arrived and I am sitting writing this in front of the wood burning stove replete with guinea fowl cooked in red wine and apples, swilled down with more red wine.

I am so grateful that red wine is packed with anti-oxidants and so I have an excuse to drink copious amounts of it. I have also sent for loads of anti-oxidant supplements, one is made from white grapes from this very region of France and so I am wondering why I don't just cut out the middle man and drink loads of white as well.

I am trying to defeat the free radicals that are rushing around my body but frankly being free and radical both seem attractive traits to me and so I am not sure my heart is in it. Will drinking lots of red wine banish my radical side and make me conservative and closeted? In my experience it does exactly the opposite and I lose all inhibitions so perhaps the wine is sweating the free radicals out and transforming them into my post toping rantings.

If only we could see inside ourselves and play war games with the nasty little cancer cells; here take this slug of Rioja and see how you like it; or just go down that blood vessel and you will meet a load of acai berries or green tea leaves; nah nah na na na - that'll show you.

And as for the chemo that'll blast them good and proper we hope; the cancer and apparently all my healthy cells along with it. Let's face it, you can't get more radical than that!

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  1. visualization IS part of the keep sipping that wine and blasting those cells! ;) xp