Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It's at it again round by us and other couple of inches have fallen over the hard baked ice from last night. This and the tail end of my cold has meant that I am a virtual prisoner in my own house and do you know what - I love it. Me and Stewart swathed in woollies tucking into cock a leekie (no I am not that well - just the soup!) or delicious veloute of parsnips and curry. Nestling by the radiators reading, doing crosswords; having no pressure whatsoever to get up and do anything. My most energetic action of the day is to breathe into my spirometer which I can now get to pre-op levels and I might just run up and down stairs a few times to improve my breathing. Apart from that cosiness reigns. I have to admit to a vicious sort of interest in the poor devils stuck in the snow that keep appearing on the news every evening. It's that sort of glad it's not me but look how awful it all is sort of feeling that people probably have about me and cancer.

Snow permitting, on Friday I have to see my oncologist for next step discussions. He of course never approved of the Dresden venture, so it's going to be interesting. I suspect we will agree to start a chemo regime in a couple of weeks or so, when the Cold has hopefully disappeared completely. If so we will be off to France pronto while we can, to enjoy la neige if it's got there, to light our wood stove and get cosy French style. Not even any telly to distract us from doing nothing there.

Paix perfect piax before the chemical warfare begins.

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  1. Breathing back to pre-op levels - congrats! Think that's an important step! Keep my fingers crossed for your appointment with the oncologist, hope he will be impressed by the results of the operation in Dresden!