Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hair today and gone tomorrow

I think I worried everyone with my Mrs Rochester lapse yesterday; sorry folks. I am still the same old cheerful me and I will make the best of a bad job - all that sleep, can't wait, savings on haircuts; no need to shave under my arms or pluck the mole on my neck which I am obsessed about; bring it on.

I have been thinking about hats; I even tried a few on in John Lewis the other day. The trouble is that I look a sight in every one. In the old days when I had just the one chin and a nice clear jaw line I used to look good in anything I stuck on my head, just as my daughter does now. But now I look like a slug or a big fat earthworm every time I try a hat on. It reminds me of my Mom and my Aunty Glad, she wasn't a real aunt but a lady from over the road. She had a big face but she loved to try on hats. She and my Mom would make special trips to C & A just so she could indulge this habit and so they could both end up paralytic with laughter, not just paralytic, my Mom used to wet herself regularly. So next time I venture to John Lewis I will take a mad friend and a clean pair of trousers to change into.

But I think it will have to be a scarf, trouble is I have never been one of those women who can just drape a piece of cloth around themselves and look stunning. I have practised and I think I am going to go for a toned down version of those lovely turbans that African women wear ie I will tie the scarf round the back and then bring it up on top of my head with a floppy bow. It doesnt look bad especially if I avoid the wormy look and push the front back and reveal more of my brow; I am hoping to keep my eyebrows as I have ordered some magic stuff. Its all quite an adventure really.

I think I will clip my head before I start as well; give it a number 3 or 4 all over; it's not much longer than that anyway. It's ironic as I have always moaned at my boys when they clip their hair; each of them have been through the clipping down to No 1 phase and it's not a good look in my view; I prefer them with their fluffy locks like when they were kids but I get an Oh Mom what would you know response if I ever voice this.

And the really exciting bit is that it may grow back curly, I may not be greying anymore; it might be black or completely white. This thing will make a new woman of me yet. Not Mrs Rochester of course but maybe a demure Jane Eyre; some hope!

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