Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Only here for the beer

Apparently some chap in Canada has just been had up for professional misconduct for selling some dodgy alternative cancer treatments for 10,000 dollars a year (nice work if you can get it!) his company allegedly claimed that "it’s more therapeutic to drink cold beer than to do chemotherapy, radiation and surgery". Unfortunately I can't stand beer either cold or warm and would marginally prefer radiotherapy and surgery. I can't give an opinion about chemotherapy yet but I suppose beer doesn't make your hair fall out.

If however you base your therapeutic decisions on evidence as our doctors are always recommending if I think about my friends and family, the big beer drinkers are in fact mostly bald or at least thinning on top and none of them have cancer! My dad for example: bald from the age of 21 and lover of the strongest home brew on record, drank from 11 in the morning till 11 at night every day, died at 87 not of cancer; my brother thinning on top is following in the family beer swilling tradition, lovely cancer free blood. Of my sons the baldest is the biggest drinker and amongst our friends, sorry mates but Chris and Dick both have wide partings and both love a beer or several, no cancer there either.

I can of course think of beer lovers with lovely thick hair and you probably know a few with cancer but as one who has stood out alone amongst her nearest and dearest as a scorner of ale and a pouter at porter and as one who to date has kept her refulgent locks I am wondering if this has been my big mistake.

I will give the chemo a try the week after next but if it fails to impress maybe I will try the odd shandy and , of course, try not to cry in my beer!

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  1. It's a good thing I work from home Jean, because this made me laugh out loud!