Friday, January 8, 2010

LIberty at last

I think I may be developing an underwear fixation or in fact the opposite. My first operation to banish leio was in my groin and got me out of my knickers for good; I've tried a few times to re-establish sloggis into my wardrobe but to no avail. This time getting leio out of one of my lungs seems to be doing the same thing for my bra. I have a lovely neat scar about 8 inches long that runs exactly where that wiry bit goes(I have to wear the industrial variety, for hoisting properties rather than titillation). I did try it on once since the operation but quickly had to do that shuffling out of the damned thing without taking your top off manoeuvre - I was eating dinner with the family at the time; good job they are used to my eccentricities and Sam in fact had to remind me how to do it, he is a man of many talents!

I would like to say that its saving me a fortune in buying pretty flimsies but I think my total lifelong budget for underwear probably hasn't exceeded the £100 mark yet. Laundry bills? well yes its good not having to wash my drawers daily but then I do have to wash my trousers more often.

I worry about what my mother would think if she were alive especially in this weather; she most definitely was fixated on underwear and it's health giving properties. She would have approved of my lovely thick compression stocking (see yesterday's blog)but I fear, if she were here, knowing that I was braless, she would force me back into that most hated of garments from my childhood, the liberty bodice. Only those women of a certain age will remember these dreadful contraptions; they were put over your vest and had a million little buttons that had to be fastened while you wriggled and jiggled. They often also had a pocket but then so did your school knickers; how you were supposed to take anything out of these pockets while retaining your modesty I do not remember. Anyway no pockets for me now and a real life of liberty without lingerie.

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