Monday, November 9, 2009

To the lonely sea and the sky

Short blog today readers as we are off to Norfolk for a few days (for American followers flat county to east of England with lots of sea and sky; famous for GI bases and romances in the war). Still following doctor's orders to cram as much in as we can.

Whenever we do this I think will this be the last time we go to a, b or c together? When in fact we probably wouldn't have gone back anyway and may have just daydreamed through years of budgeting on a pension and not doing what we had done before or what we had always wanted to.

I sometimes think about the good things about having this unspellable disease; its not a long list but it includes:

Having a fantastic time now
Feeling very loved now
Knowing the worst- or perhaps that's tempting fate
Not being the one left behind - ditto
Escaping spiders, mosquitoes, politicians and bankers; football, Radio 1 and dusting

So off we go for fresh air and fun. I will take the laptop and try to wifi

I go off dancing to Mick: this could be the last time, this could be the last time, baby the last time I don't know-O.

Not if I can help it readers

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  1. Hi Jean, Really enjoyed the blog. I came here after reading your email on the sacroma list. Sadly your story is not uncommon. I am so encouraged by your enthusiasm for life and determination to be at the upper end of the averages. Me too (lung mnets from synovial sarcoma, aged 45).
    My blog is at under the nom de plume Claudia Gene.

    Good luck
    CG (aka Dorothy)