Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dining out on it - a foodie forgets

It was twice yesterday, lunch on son Luke and his lovely wife Aleks; tapas and entertainment from Harry and Hannah and dinner, Italian and Saturday night sights with Graham and Ruth, in-laws extraordinaire. Since D-Day its been one long food extravaganza.

Friends and family cramming in twenty or thirty years of expected eating together into .. well lets not speculate how long it might be. Perhaps we should dress up as sprightly septuaginarians or naughty nineties to give the phenomenon some veracity; Whatever the costume I'll always be the roly poly one who never fails to accept a refill and if the opportunity arrives, ogles the waiter.

And while we slather and slurp we forget and that's what adds the extra spice, jus or gremolata to every dish. I could and may try to write a new sort of restaurant guide on this blog; rivalling Giles Coren I could mark places on minutes not thinking about cancer; opportunities to pretend to be following anti-oxidant diet by combining greens with mind blowing other ingredients; not putting cheese in everything and offering copious glasses of red wine; and finally comfortable seats, important when one has a battered groin or doesnt want to be reminded of pain and suffering.

Long may it continue say I and thank you to all my eating companions and my boozing buddies.

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  1. Hi from 71! Thank you for including us in your Blog readership. The nurse in me made me go on line and research. Glad you are going to the Marsden the Professor there ranks as the best in the UK for this condition. The reader in me loves your well written prose and it is a testament to your character and intellect. Your family are fab and we are willing you on to keep writing, eating and drinking your way through this journey. Dave makes a great cappuchino and we have soft seats if you need a change of scenery! xx