Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friends reunited

It seems I'm the talk of the town. The bush telegraph whistles round street corners and into hairdressers' parlours. So this week has been the time for very old friends to get in touch. It's another one of those bonuses of this strange new life of mine.

With those friends that are more like family there has been constant mulling and munching; daily calls and frequent feastings but now its the turn of friends from other times and other places. First Les and Jude; Stewart has known Les for longer than he has known me - 55 years to be precise and they are in that special band of friends that come from before we were married when we were very young. Memories are of pubs,camp sites and bike rides; getting drunk and sleeping on rugs; there is no need to discuss the sadness much, its a given so we move on and slip back into all the old stories.

Yvonne and Noel; Yvonne is my alter ego, people think we are each other even though she is younger and slimmer; we have worked together in perfect and very productive harmony for over 20 years and now we share randang and noodles, two bottles of red and have a proper laugh

Yesterday was packed with Gill, a friend of over thirty years and Theresa over 20. Life and its vicissitudes had made us go on different paths but one message from the telegraph and whizz back they come as true friends will. It was a day of swallowed tears, honest questions and lots of giggling and gossiping; right up my street.

And amidst it all a call from my doctor to discuss the German question, one from a recent colleague whose wife, like me, is a special LMS girl and a letter from the Marsden saying I must go on Monday week for my second opinion.

So Germany is postponed but not cancelled and I am looking for restaurants on the Fulham Road.

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