Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lets make a deal

Hi Leio, sorry not to use your full name but it is a bit of a mouthful isn't it. Leio does have more vowels than is strictly necessary but then you are a something of a one off aren't you. I wanted a chat because tomorrow I am off to see the doc and he will take pictures of you and see if you have grown. It may be decision time and so I thought I'd try to make you an offer.

You see it strikes me that we are in this together. It really makes no sense whatever for you to polish me off too quickly as lets face it I will take you with me. I know we havent got off to a good start, firstly you came totally unbidden into that vein in my groin; I never sent an invitation you just turned up. I admit you are not the first to have wanted to nestle in that particular part of my anatomy and OK once I knew you were there, I let them rip you out without a by your leave. You might see that as cruel and I understand that. I didn't really know you then you see and you did come as quite a surprise.

So to pay me back you headed for my lungs; a trifle wham bam thank you Mam in my view, but can we call it quits now. If not it will be war you know. Clearly you have the advantage and are more experienced at this than me but as soon as they start all that chemical warfare and sticking knives into you, its going to hurt you as much as it does me and one of us wont live to tell the tale. Bit too Russian Roulette for my liking.

So can you slow down a little? We could come to some agreement if you like, things I've got two of, could you just stick to one of them. Then in the future once you notice me going a bit do-lally and wetting my pants (Ok since the groin incident I dont wear them but I am talking metaphorically here)then by all means move in and be as quick as you like.

You must see the sense in this, gives us both more to hope for.. are you listening Leio; come on give it a whirl.



  1. You tell him, Jean!

    What a brilliant post. x

  2. yeah leio piss off and play up your own end

  3. thinking of you today