Thursday, November 26, 2009

Everyday thanksgiving

It's thanksgiving in the US today. I know because I have many fellow LMS correspondents from the US now and also I was called on to make a pecan pie for my daughter who has an American lodger and follows her mother's dictum of any excuse for a feast. It seems that this is a time for counting your blessings which is a practice I try to carry out pretty regularly but somehow feel contrary today and want to curse my misfortune instead. There is nothing to bless in having this dreadful disease that is threatening to take me away from everything I love and everything I count as my blessings and no amount of thanksgiving is going to change that. So I feel a bit like the Native Americans who no doubt felt less than thankful way back whenever it was.

But I will give in and restore my usual joie de vivre. Below is a list of the things I am thankful for that have happened today:

I had a lie in and a long cuddle with my husband
The sun came out
I sent a photo of me and my lovely kids to a friend and felt proud of them..again
I had lunch with one of my dearest friends
My throat stopped being sore
I didn't feel any pain in my chest
I managed to find a parking space at John Lewis
I got the last of my Christmas presents for friends and family and wrapped up about half of them
Danny's sock monkey jack in the box arrived and he will love it
I soaked the fruit for my Christmas cake in twice as much rum as the recipe said
Jess's friend Jess opened her cheese shop and it was a great success
Gavin and Stacy is back on TV tonight
I didn't have to go to work because I am now properly retired
I walked up to the shops and my groin didn't hurt too much; I held my husband's hand
They had a Times so I can try to do the crossword before I go to sleep
My pecan pie was a triumph; if a slightly burnt one
Les bought my best cardigan back
Ruth liked her earrings
Graham invited us out for a posh dinner tomorrow
I found a chocolate mint in my mac pocket

Not sure that's enough to slaughter a turkey for but it will do till tomorrow.

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