Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A European venture

It was France that scored first in the saving Mrs Trainor European Cup. Quick jab in the groin and hey ho a second half goal taking with it a primary tumour and one useless vein - first half had been the usual performance by England just doing what they always do and getting nowhere.

Now it seems Germany might do their usual trick and win the next round- OK I do remember 1966 but we did have to leave it till the last minute and I am not sure that will be a good tactic in this particular tournament. The clever old Germans have developed laser techniques that get a goal every time or so they say and so my money is on them for the next round.

When I say my money is on them its not just one of the contorted illusions with which this blog swarms, it will in fact cost me an arm and a leg but hopefully not a lung. I am still considering the transfer offer as to stay in England and continue the habit of coming a brave second is hard to break away from, and when they see me they might not choose me for their team; so I am seeking advice from my fans. There is more information on the team tactics at

Actually at the moment it all feels more like going over the top from the trenches - not a good metaphor I know as I maybe going over into the German camp. But we leiomyosarcoma sufferers are like the cannon fodder in WW1 - on both sides - being ordered to run out into no-mans land and take what is coming to us by the cancer cell generals. A few survive and in this particular battle they seem to be the ones that do their own thing; certainly they battle on despite numerous bayonet wounds and poison gas attacks. No choice to be a deserter in this particular war or believe me, I would be planning my escape across Northern France right now, taking in a few good restaurants and bottles of red on the way of course.

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  1. Oh to find an easy escape route for you Jean – wouldn’t that be something.

    You have to trust in what feels right for you, your own way, it’s never let you down in the past, just make sure the decision is made on the trusty left side and avoid all things right!

    Whatever they say, even Dr McDreamy at the Marsden, docs give us ‘likelihoods’ these are OK, they are round and more benevolent than ‘certainties’. If you decide on giving the transfer a try, they should be honoured to have you on the team.