Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mrs Rochester

I seem to be giving the impression that I am being brave; I think I need to put you right and introduce you to my very own Mrs Rochester living somewhere near my bowels I think. She is pulling her hair and pounding the walls; rage,raging at the dying of the light; driven crazy by anger and fear. But meet also my very own Grace Poole, calmly efficient and able to only let the tiniest noise of Bertha's raging reach my cowardly ears. Even in the middle of the night while I lie awake listening for the movements, waiting for the footsteps and the lighted torch, Grace keeps her quiet and lets me sleep.

I know no other way, I have to cope and I have to be cheerful, the alternative is to end up like Mrs R and look what happened to her!


  1. You have every right to rage now and then.... Just don't burn the house down!!

  2. Odd that you remember Grace Poole as calmly efficient. Or is this one less of a lush? Wonderful name, though, Grace Poole... wonderfully inappropriate. I diagnose Cold Comfort Farm... again. www.youtube.com/user/mansfieldparkmovie Robert Post's Child might be a nice replacement for Grace Poole. Off to do the scrattlin at ticklepenny corner.

  3. obviously I prescribe Cold Comfort Farm, rather than diagnosing it... medical words seem to leave me witless at the moment... think I need a dose myself.

  4. Dear Jean,

    This is Bernie, on Hattie's email account. I have only just opened your blog because I still don't know how to use this computer stuff. I'm upset and I'm sad and I don't know what it must feel like to have to know what you now know. It must be unbearable, but you seem to be bearing it stoically, at times looking at it and at what it portends, but Jean, you also seem to be engaging with life to the full. When I was waiting for my Final's results, a friend gave me A.S.Byatt's 'Still Life'. I'd never heard of A.S. Byatt, but couldn't put this book down for 10 days, it's nothing like 'Possession' which I hated. I still go back to this book, you might find it worth reading; I've got a copy if you think you'd like to read it. It's about two young graduate sisters and their brother.

    Enough of this literary guff, the food, the wine, the friendship and Stuart all sound much more the stuff of life. Enjoy the lonely sea and the sky and hello to your lovely husband. Do you want cups of tea when you're home?

    Much love, Bernie xx