Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So we are here in Dresden or to be more accurate Coswig, a suburb. We are esconced in our room and I have wifi for .50 euros an hour. Wunderbar. The journey was uneventful apart from Stewart upending a glass of orange juice all over his crotch. I am sure it was a ruse to get the stewardess to mop him up. I also made a bit of a fool of myself at Zurich airport bemoaning loudly the cost of a glass of wine and a beer completely forgetting that they still use francs not Euros.

There was not a gnome in sight by the way; they must all be helping Santa out. Tomorrow we will walk to the hospital which is just round the corner and see Dr Rolle; he will scan me and I believe put me on a treadmill to see if I am fit enough for his team. Fat leg might be a disadvantage as might all those dinners I have been eating but I will do my best. I was once the Warwickshire (for American readers county in the middle of England famous for William Shakespeare)sprint champion and had awesome lungs. Trouble was if I ran more than 100 yards I used to throw up, once all over Stewart and that is how he fell in love with me- funny boy. Lets hope I don't repeat the performance tomorrow; I don't think Dr Rolle will be wooed by vomit, he sees to much of it I would think.

Right we are off to sample German food and to dispel the rumour that its all pig and potatoes. Quite keen on both actually. More news tomorrow

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