Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sausages Sausages

So far the worst is the wurst. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, wurst goulash, wurst soup, wurst sandwiches, There is absolutely no chance of keeping to an anti-oxidant diet not a glass of red wine in sight.

Today they tested my lungs and I don't know yet if I passed. For one test theyfitted contraptions all over me and got me to cycle. I tried to think of my friend Bernice cycling up all our hills in our French village but she speaks German like a native so would have got much better marks than me all round. If I managed a C they will do me on Monday.

Stewart now has a room in the hospital so we can be bored together. He is OK apart from the hard seats and he doesn't complain. After all he says, 40 odd years ago he promised to love honour and obey me for better or wurst!

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