Thursday, December 10, 2009


HI all , this is Jess writing for mom, just an update not a lierary masterpiece Im afraid! Lovely Dr Rolle has said that he will do the operation although one of the mets is quite large. Because of said fat blob her recovery will most likely take a couple of weeks so if she has the operation as scheduled on Monday next week she will not be back until after Christmas, a source of great disappointment for us all but also of great hope. Would write more but have got to contact my brothers and make arrangements for us to go to Dresden for a few days, if only my mom had been sensible and only had 2 children it would be an easier task, but then again I wouldn't be here so plus and minus! Thanks all so much for your support and cheering on.


  1. Encouraging news; fingers crossed! Doug & Gloria x

  2. Great news to get, really happy for you that Dr Rolle has offered help considering the amount of people that get turned away. I know it may be a bad time but some things never take a day off.
    Good Luck
    Richard (Your LMS friend)