Monday, December 14, 2009

Heavy Breathing

Dear all readers, below is the entry mom asked me to write on Friday, sorry for the delay but I have 2 small children, 2 christmas plays to attend 2 costumes to make so I am a bit slow.

I have never been good about taking instructions about breathing. To me it's just what I do. But you know when you are driving and for no reason you suddenly decide to think about which foot goes where and why and you go to pieces. It's the same with breathing for me and so it has been today. If they say breathe out I panic and forget about my nose and splutter everywhere; if its breathe in I gulp like a drowning woman. This is a sad fact as I have spent the whole day learning how to use various contraptions to add oxygen or saline fumes to my spotty lungs. I was a slow learner but for the one where I have to make the smiley face go up and measure my lung capacity I have gone to the top of the class. Fat old ladies class that is

I also went to the gym for the first time ever. We just sat on stools and waived sticks around so it was my type of exercise. One was like rowing and I thought about canoeing down the Dordogne; amazing how often lovely France come to my mind in moments of extremis.

Dr Rolle says definitely for Monday and yes we can go for Gluhwein in Dresden tomorrow. I will miss the spluttering and gym but knickers to it, and if any other heavy breathers want to know I gave them up years ago.

Just an update from me (Jess). Mom and Dad had a lovely day in Dresden, really liked it and ate some lovely food. As I type Mom is in her operation so I am trying to distract myself from worry, but it turns out that watching loose women makes me wish I was under a general anasthetic. Mom not back for Christmas so team Trainor/Phillips are going to Dresden on 22nd -24th to see her and we will be extending chritmas well in to the new year, no problem for atheists like us!

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