Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ich spreche Deutsch

I must have listened to some of what Miss Jones tried to ram into our heads in German forty odd years ago- even though I failed it at O Level. I managed to communicate with the German doctor's secretary and got put through to him. Nice chap but he hadn't received the CD of my CT scans. He will look out for them and we will make a date.

Back home Batman spoke to Robin and emailed me as I had told him how peed off I was that he wasn't there to give me a second opinion or in fact any opinion. He had looked at my scans, funny how many people are now au fait with my chest; it was quite a select bunch heretofore. He thought that it was interesting that the tumours varied in size so much (back to chests it brings to mind that classic ditty: one was so small it was no good at all and the other so large it won prizes ta ra) and thought that they had probably been seeding over a long period - ie when the original tumour was a DVT according to the so called experts - and that glory be they may be quite slow growing. Well they can be as slow as they like as far as I am concerned. They can come a very poor last in the tumour Olympics; they can be as slow as the slowest slow worm; as tardy as a tortoise on a bad day. Just slow down to stop Leio and I will be happy.

So more scans of chest here so Batman can resume his superhero status and more spreching the Deutsche hoping I can make Dresden and back before Christmas. Tonight off to the NICE conference dance where I will be wishing that both aforementioned chest and battered groin were up to compromising a few of the attendees so that they would be forced to recommend the only drug to have come out recently that offers us poor rarities any hope of a few more knees ups. Who knows what might happen after a few drinks so Gesundheit for now.


  1. Hi Jean; not sure if I have commented before. I have a 25 yr old daughter w/LMS - in remission.
    You are in my thoughts. Keep up the humor and keep forging ahead. :) patti

  2. Hi Jean,

    I just found your blog. I'm also an 8 yr. LMS survivor in San Francisco, California.
    Are you on the free online groups for LMS?

    Join here:
    ACOR L-M-Sarcoma

    I would also encourage you to visit LMSarcoma Direct Research Foundation .
    We raise money to advocate for and fund promising LMS research.

    Don't hesitate to contact me if you need more help. I have been in your shoes!


    Sharon Anderson, MSW
    8 yr. stage IV, ULMS survivor,
    Executive Director, LMSarcoma Direct Research Foundation
    cell 650-922-8762
    .... Working not Wishing ......