Saturday, January 1, 2011

Prime time

2011 is a prime number and I don't like them, somebody has made up a name for such irrationality: Perittosarithmosphobia, and I have a mild case of it, nowhere near as strong as my arachnophobia which is firing up at the moment as our Christmas tree is doing that curling downwards thing that they do after a couple of weeks in the corner by the radiator, looks for all the world like a large collection of tarantulas. It will have to go.

I checked whether 2011 was a prime and discovered that I was born in a prime year too but that none of my children or their children were. Must be some significance there for a perittosarithmosphobic. The whole Happy New Year thing is weird for me anyway but we had a lovely evening doing absolutely nothing and having met Max and Charlie now there is a great potential for happiness in 2011, added to Harry's wide eyed look and Danny's cheeky, grinning shrugs. They are a handful though, literally so we will be going back very soon to lend our old hands and keep our mouths firmly shut about funny French ways (don't take them out for a month..sacre bleu!).

As for resolutions just two for me: stay alive and don't buy anymore cushions. Happy 2011 everyone and may it be a prime time for you all.

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