Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Horse's tail

Doctor's entourage just been, apparently my spinal column is just fine, well as fine as someone with lung mets etc can be. But and there is always a but, the cluster of nerves at the base of my spine, commonly called the Horse's tail has cancer deposits and that is what's causing the problems, so same difference really. Treatment will be 5 doses of radiotherapy to the place where my tail would be if I was a horse. Then I will start the sea squid aka yondelis so the fun begins. The physios will have a go at me tomorrow to get me on my feet again. It is hoped the radiotherapy will at least halt the paralysis in it's tracks and best case scenario turn me back to normal, if such I ever was. With a fair wind I should be out tomorrow or day after.


  1. Okay I know it should be its tracks not it's but I am doing this on my IPhone and it jumps the gun!

  2. Such dedication to literacy!
    You are an example to us all!

  3. Sincere good wishes and hugs as you traverse this section of the process. I love that you corrected your apostrophe error-it is a pleasure to meet the Only Other Person Who Cares about the it’s/its applicability.