Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Noises off

Managed to sleep, or more accurately not sleep, lying down last night. That is good news as the pelvic pain is much better and maybe reacting to the steroids. Also I am getting a bit more feeling in bits that were going numb, even managed a hasty pelvic floor squeeze, not at the banana peeling stage but whenever was I? before Sam perhaps but I never tried it.

Lack of sleep due to aforementioned steroids but also to whoever was shovelling coal or similar in the night and doing the heavy duty polishing. Some bloke was sounding off very loudly at about 4 o'clock and it was a toss up whether I shot him or joined him on a rooftop protest. The noises have continued this morning in the MRI scan machine but considering my scary back and my claustrophobia it wasn't too bad. Let's hope the results are the same but until then bed rest and lots of reading.

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