Thursday, April 29, 2010

Still here

I feel fine but I am still here. The neutraphils were up to 0.2 yesterday and I have just had another blood test, they have to reach 1.0 and then I can escape except my temperature keeps going up and down even though I have no symptoms and look and feel perfectly OK. I just keep reading the books and doing the crosswords and wont believe I am free until I walk out of the door.

The MRI scan showed up another little leio in my thigh so the score is now about 50 in my lungs, 'a few' in my liver, one in my stomach and one in my leg, I will have to choose which to go for after the chemo is over. The good news is that yesterday I met a woman who had been hosting leio for 14 years, for 10 years she had no treatment at all. So perhaps like a fractious child I should just put him on the naughty step and ignore his attempts to get my attention. At the moment however I would give in and offer him or anyone else a lollipop if they would just let me out of here.


  1. Hope you escape very soon ... at least with the shortage of beds they will chuck you out just as soon as they can?! x

  2. Perhaps we could all storm the hospital in balaclavas and demand your release (PS keep drinking plenty of water to bring that temperature down) xx

  3. Hi Jean,

    My name is Sarah, I'm Pauline South's daughter, i've been following your blog for a while now and am just sending you my love. I hope you feel better soon, from experience, once your neutraphils start to climb you should be out within a few days. Keep up the fight, a positive mind is a positive body!! Sarah x

  4. I hope you'll be out before the weekend, but if not, then by election day.

    Across the pond we are watching the campaign closely. Even determined which constituency Coppice Road is now in so I can check on the 6th to see how it goes.

    Best wishes

    A fellow, lapsed historian


  5. You'll be out soon and making the most of going home, come rain or shine, I feel sure.
    Good that you met that woman.

  6. That conversation is really encouraging, Jean!
    Doug & Gloria