Saturday, April 10, 2010

In my prime?

Today is my birthday and I am now 61; I have always hated being a prime number because somehow they feel funny as do those big birthdays plus one. I suppose I should be grateful to have made it to another anniversary especially as my doctor phoned last night with mixed sort of news.

Surprise surprise he noticed that I hadn't had a scan since September, I had mentioned this in January before we started chemo but he said then that xrays would be enough to see what was happening; anyway so now he realises he can't really see how well the chemo is doing from the scan but that the xrays show shrinkage. The scan looks a lot worse than the one in September apparently but then it was a different sort of scan. The significant thing is that stuff is showing up in my liver now - tiny bits and there is something in my stomach, maybe an enlarged lymph node but then I have had those before and they have turned out to be innocent. I reminded him that I had had a scan in Germany in December and he had a copy of that so he is going to look it out and we will discuss all of this in more detail next Wednesday when I am back in hospital.

The important thing is that he thinks we should continue the chemo so we are; and today the sun is out, my family and friends are gathering and I intend to be the prime time birthday girl.


  1. I didn't know before that it is your birthday today. Have a wonderful day - despite of what the doctor thinks he sees on the scan. The health system in Britain really seems to be not worth its name. We will have a drink for you tonight!

  2. Hi Jean,
    Thinking of you. Keep on fighting.
    I like your witty chats.