Monday, April 26, 2010

Everything that can go wrong

First it was the DVT, then my PICC line got blocked and I had to come in and get it removed, then on Saturday the full rag doll with no stuffing phenomena occurred and walking 100 yards to the Post Office nearly killed me, the reason became clear on Sunday when I started to shiver, felt like death warmed up and got admitted to hospital with dangerous fever. So here I am with neutrophils of nil (sounds like a garden feed to me) and white blood cells (who needs them, we all know blood is red)of a very low nature. Basically my immune system has gone awol and I need to stay here till it finds its way back.

It did mean I was on site for the MRI, which I just had, what ridiculous things they are, I wonder if all that noise is really necessary or if they just do it to impress. You feel as if you are the street undergoing major repairs, or I started to pick up subliminal messages as the noises changed, mostly it was Baghdad and burkha repeated over and over again interspersed with drilling noises. I have been considering a burkha as appropriate garb for the chemo look so perhaps someone was reinforcing this having seen me hairless overnight. We will see what all the noises showed up: a DVT or a new sarcoma or both but till then its rest, rest and more rest and try not to think that I am spending far too many of my precious days in this bleeding hospital.


  1. Oh Jean, I'm sorry to read of these latest developments.

    Sounds like the MRI machine is trying to assert itself as the alpha of hospital procedures what with keeping you waiting and then proceeding to make as much noise as possible. Damn machines with their fragile egos.

  2. Jean, that sounds awful! Did they give you some injection for stimulating the production of the white blood cells? Phil had this once during his chemo and it helped tremendously. (Increase from 1400 to over 5000 over night). Maybe you should ask for it? We keep our fingers crossed for you and hope you will feel better soon.

  3. Jean, sorry that you going through the mill yet again. Try to keep your fighting spirit and hope to see you back at home soon and feeling better.
    Ange X