Monday, May 3, 2010

On parole

Sorry for delay in posting friends, I was out on Friday but have had wall to wall visitors since then and on Saturday had a night away at my brother and sister in laws after a superb meal at a posh country house. I am back in tomorrow so it's just a short parole but they are going to inject me with some magic stuff with the next chemo to boost my white blood cells and netrophils so maybe I will be on a shorter sentence next time.

I did manage to watch the last election debate whilst in hospital and the clear winner in my view was the Great Hall at my alma mater; didn't it look superb. I happen to know however that it has the wost acoustics in the Western world so no wonder Nick looked a bit sweaty and David D had to keep repeating the questions, it must have been nigh on impossible to hear anything. And I was worried about David, the man is well over 70 and he had to stand up for the whole hour and a half and then go on and do Question Time. Having paid him for a couple of days work once which nearly bankrupted the organisation I was working for, I know he will have been paid well but really they should have given him a chair.

Stewart will have to proxy vote for me on Thursday, I think I can trust him especially as I have decided to stay with the old team despite it being a busted flush and having let me down badly. Hopefully I will be home for the night long vigil of waiting for the results and listening again to David D who will at least have a chair this time.


  1. Glad to hear you made it out jean. Im still in though my neutrophil count today is fantastic - they have decided to play ball at last. i will be in until wed probably - but do keep telling everyone that I must be out to vote (have never missed a vote since i was 18) ....not that it will make adifference (still voting labour but in a tory safe constituency)

    bye for now


  2. Yep. Encouraging news, Jean, and, yes, the Great Hall looks very impressive. But which country house? And which constituency? And, you can trust Stewart with your vote, but how much corruption is sneaking in on the back of the push to postal voting? (As the Kenyan election observer noted on the Today programme this morning!).

  3. Jean, I was hoping that you would email me at and tell me if you are getting doxorubicin. I tried scanning your older posts to find where you said what you're getting, but I ran out of steam. I'm starting doxorubicin on June 2 and I am not sure what to expect. Thanks, and hang in there! Glad to hear that you are home again.