Saturday, March 27, 2010


I have had a mixed history when it comes to shrinking; I have never managed to shrink myself permanently down to the size I ought to be but have had a few dramatic reductions followed by inevitable disappointing expansions on the way. Give me an expensive jumper, a very special tee-shirt or a much loved silk dress however and I am your woman I will shrink it as quick as you like and turn it bright red if I manage to add the right sock or pair of knickers.

So now I have to turn all this talent into shrinking my blobs. It is good news that they look smaller on the xray but it's the scan that matters and I have that in 10 days time. I am encouraged however that all that training with my poor kids' favourite clothes will come good and Leio will share the fate of Luke's Nirvana tee-shirt (mind you I had to darn the "f**ks" off that too in order to take him out in company. I would happily do the same to Leio and his blobs if required I imagine they are covered in them).

For the rest I still haven't been sick which is a good job as Harry and Danny walked out with my hospital sick bowls last night, sporting them as hats; Danny looked even more like Pete Docherty than usual which was a tad disturbing but his hat is going to be dressed up with eggs and daffs for his nursey Easter bonnet so the unfortunate resemblence will fade we hope.

I do feel a bit like a rag doll with half of its stuffing knocked out but I suppose you have to expect that if you have major shrinkage going on deep inside you; I know how my washing machine feels now.

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