Monday, March 8, 2010

March Hair

Went to Will's Wigs which is wonderfully alliterative. The woman I saw, who had a lovely knitted cardie on that I might try to whizz up for myself, had been doing wigs for 10 years; this was obvious as, although she brought in a big tower of boxes, it was the first one that she tried on that I walked away with. It's amazingly OK and I am wearing it now. It makes me look younger I would say and more like my sister-in-law Ruth (see picture) who is a super head (teacher) so she clearly knows a lot about head type things. The second one made me look uncannily like her, which started to feel weird as I like my brother-in-law a lot. So after telling me I had a very small head, not a lot to go in it you see, and doing a bit of trimming, the wig woman sent me off with my washing instructions and some spray and I am now slightly blonder and slightly bouncier.

Very bouncy in fact, I am beginning to wonder if I am pregnant, not cancer-riddled, as this morning I decided to clear out all the cupboards and chuck away all the very old stuff. I mean how many packets of Dry Toor Dhal and Gram Flour do the average pensioner couple need for a lifetime? Less than we had so the stuff from 2006 is now in the bin alongside sheets of gelatine that expired in 2001, granite like muscovado sugar and some strange Cappuccino stuff that I don't remember ever buying. I had to have lots of rests so I am probably not just about to give birth but simply basking in the steroid glow. I have stopped the course now so will no doubt be less enthusiastic tomorrow. But for today, the sun is out and and I have new hair and clean cupboards.

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