Thursday, March 18, 2010

Desert Island Discs

I suppose it's too late now; I am never going to be asked onto Desert Island Discs so the list I have kept in my back pocket all these years will not be needed. I have, however, thought of writing to Kirsty Young (who I think is great at it by the way) to suggest a new version of the programme for us terminally illers; it could be called Dead End Discs and you would have to change the details a bit; so you would choose records that you feel represent bits of your life as most people do now but have in mind that that they will probably get played at your funeral - so unfortunately I would have to drop Tutti Frutti and You're a pink toothbrush I'm a blue toothbrush from my back pocket list; the book would be the one you want to read before you die; the luxury what you want while you can still enjoy it and maybe we should throw in a new one - the place you want to visit while you still can. So to set the ball rolling I have made my own selection and who know's it might just catch on. (I find that I can only download a few videos at a time so I am going to do this is in installments; today will be the 1950s and one from the 1960s)

So for the 1950s and all those childhood bits I have written about earler in this blog I am going for You are my sunshine by Elizabeth Mitchell. My Mom sang this to me, I sang it to all my kids and now I sing it to Harry and Danny and they don't seem to mind

Moving onto my teenage years, that Chanel Suit and the early boy chasing times; it had a lot to do with the Beatles of course and I actually got to see them or at least scream at them when they came to Birmingham in 1963. This video features my lovely son, Joe on bass; he is the one bobbing around a lot just as his Mom does whenever she hears this music. So it's The Accoustic Beatles with Joe Trainor and his stage wife Charlotte on vocals, playing Things we said today

OK that's all for today and there will be more tomorrow, hopefully I will get all 8 in before I go back into hospital for Chemo 3 next Tuesday.


  1. Several are bobbing around, but Joe's the bald one, right? Anyway, I hope so, because he's the one I identify with.

    Brings to mind the time I was marching along with a group of smooth headed guys carrying a sign that said 'baldies against the bomb' - back when people cared about that sort of thing.

  2. Yes that's him although I think he is officially balding not bald yet, shaves his head like me though; and of course is against the bomb still; he used to be wheeled on those marches if you remember

    Jean x