Friday, March 5, 2010

Home again, home again, wiggety wig

Got back last night, earlier than last time due to less pump breakdowns (pesky machines that control the flow of the chemo etc going into your veins). I am feeling fine considering and am in love with the medicine beginning with O that controls your sickness. I refuse to try to learn all of the names of the drugs, life is too short and it only encourages them to come up with longer and longer and more and more ridiculous monikers.

I do prefer single rooms in hospitals as I have said before but this stay has brought new insights into the camaraderie of cancer and the amazing way that cancer patients behave. For some reason we are a ridiculously cheerful bunch; perhaps it's something to do with the cells dividing all over the place and sending us a bit scatty. If you added up the life expectancy in my six bed bay of cancer women you probably wouldn't get to the 2012 Olympics but there was nerry (Shakespearean term for "never a" but I don't know how to spell it and I am getting above myself clearly) a moan and lots of laughs and a very gung ho sort of "we may not have long but we are going to enjoy it" type attitude. My neighbour for a day was a more hopeful case and turned out to be an English teacher who had worked with Stewart; one woman had had breast cancer then got a sarcoma in her ribs, had herself all reconstructed and now has it in her bones and lungs but she looked fantastic and kept snogging her husband of 30 years, so she has got something right; another saw through at least two property deals while I was in and is rushing over to Alicante to sign them off after her biopsy on Monday - she was given 6 months, three months ago; the third was just a nice laughy woman despite asthma, diabetes and lung cancer and on the last day a German woman with five kids who wore her bald head bravely came in and brought more spice to the mix . There must be some miserable buggers amongst the cancer community but I have yet to meet one.

So the sun is out and I may do a bit of tweaking in the garden later, the only appointment in near future is with the wig maker; I get it free so I may as well have a go; but do I stay as me or go for a whole new look; I should have asked my cancer buddies it would have been another excuse for a laugh anyway.

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