Thursday, June 17, 2010

scans with a difference

Scans can be a good thing, they don't always show up ugly blobs that are taking over your body, sometimes they show beautiful blobs that are taking over your body and so it is with us. Julie and Sam (No 1 son) are expecting twins and they now measure 8cm each and yesterday's scan showed that they were hanging on in there and looking very well, tres bien, thank you. So now I can tell the world. It is truly wonderful news, Julie has been on a parallel track to me for the last few weeks, taking the medicine, talking to the experts (and not just me and her Mom), watching her blobs change and feeling sick and knackered. But hers we have willed to grow whereas mine we want to shrivel; even if we only get one out of two of those results it is a very happy outcome; and we get double joy anyway, two babies to add to our crew.

All I have to do now is stay alive and kicking so I can help them when they have these two babies plonked in their arms and dish out a bit of my nah don't listen to that rubbish type advice while I can.

They will be Anglo-French babies of course, born and bred in France but brought up Brummie and Bergercoises: faggots (apologies American readers over here a faggot is a savoury food item made from animal innards!)and fois gras. For now they are lovely 8cm active shapes on a scan; tomorrow I hope to see something much smaller and slower on mine. But till then all I can say is vive la difference and sorry Julie I can't do accents in this programme.


  1. Oh what lovely news!
    Was good to see you both on Saturday.
    Your positivity (is that a proper word?) is fantastic. x

  2. Strategically the first couple of years with twins are a little tougher, but anyone who likes kids will love the experience.

  3. I'm so delighted for Sam and Julie. Already have sacks full of boy clothes for them! x

  4. Great news! And I'm sure it will give you a lot of (additional) energy. Big hug!

  5. Hi Jean, that's wonderful news. Please pass on my congrats to Sam & Julie. Good news too about your blobs, may they wither away.

    Bonnes vacances en France