Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Raised eyebrows

Despite spending £20 on special stuff that was supposed to save them, my eyebrows have deserted me. It's amazing what a difference it makes to your face so I am attempting to draw new ones on each morning. If only my A level art education had covered face painting and if only I had been one of those women who learnt how to do such things by trial and error in her youth. I only ever plucked my eyebrows once because everyone else seemed to be doing it and it was such an eyewateringly painful experience that I have never tried since; anyway I now find that my brow was quite nice. As the song said - you don't know what you've got till it's gone.

So now I stare at people's faces and realise that eyebrows sit much lower than you might imagine and are much thicker than the ones I have been attempting to replicate. The trouble is that you have two of the darned things so you have to try to make them look the same and of course, as clowns know so well, eyebrows give your face expression so it's easy to end up looking shocked on one side and confused on the other. That about sums me up at the moment so perhaps it's OK.

What I really need are perfect models of my old ones to just stick on, that would have been more useful than my wig which just sits unused in my bedroom getting lonelier and lonelier by the day.

The hair should start growing back on now of course as today is the day I normally would have been going back for chemo and it's finished so I am not yippee. I suppose I can expect strange thin eyebrows for a while, as well as men's type hair but I will buy restorer and perhaps as Harry (grandson aged 5) suggested yesterday as he watched my amateur eyebrow artistry, I could draw on hair all over.


  1. Hi Jean, sorry to hear about the loss of your eye brows. But as long as the rest of you is okay and feeling good (what is called good under these circumstances) I am happy. If you need help with painting the brows maybe you try those stencils they are selling in cosmetics stores.
    Wish you a nice day! Angelika

  2. Oooh, buy a stencil and then let us know how it turns out!

    In 3 more days, my hair is supposed to start falling out again, so I want to learn from your experience.

    However, the other times I lost my hair, my eyebrows took a really long time to fall out. There was still maybe 20% left at the end, so I could just fill in with brown eye shadow.

  3. My son is a genius...a genius I tell you!

  4. You could make your own stencil using some kind of flexible plastic, or maybe a transparency (the clear stuff you put in printers to make overheads, don't know what the UK equivalent is), or even waxed paper. Looking at the eyebrows in a photo of yourself, draw an approximation onto the transparency/paper and cut it out with a scalpel/razor/utility knife. Use a double thickness, make two at the same time, use one in reverse and hey, presto! you'll no longer be visually schizophrenic. If you can't do it yourself, there must be someone amongst your plentiful progeny who inherited Mac's art genes, though given your interior design flair, I suspect you are entirely capable of drawing an eyebrow all on your own. (Mind you, I haven't tried this technique myself - just seems like it would work.)

  5. Hi Jean
    I went to a 'look good feel well' session at The Christie and they gave us loads of lovely cosmetic stuff including a fab eyebrow pencil from Boot No 7 which is harder than they often are and somehow goes on easier so looks more natural. What were you using on them? I used revitalash on my eyelashes which worked a treat but didnt know about anything for eye brows.

    I am now 5 weeks from chemo and have a fuzz all over my head. I remember from last time it takes about 3 months to get anything resembling normal short hair which means we have to be patient (again) which is never easy!

    bye for now

  6. 'you have two of the darned things'

    Just goes to show you have never really looked at me.