Friday, June 25, 2010

Glad to be here

I am glad to be here full stop but especially glad to be in France at our little house. Mind you it has felt très grande over the last couple of days as I have had to clean every bit of it. We had some building work done and on top of that we haven't been here for five months if you dont count our abortive trip in May when all I did was notice the dirt and add it mournfully to my chapter of woes. This time I have at least found the energy to wash all the bits and pieces we have spread about the place and trail around the supermarche getting delicious French goodies so I am getting better. Or at least I am recovering from the chemo, all I hope is that the cancer cells aren't feeling energised and going on their travels too.

We stopped at Giverny on the way down and visited Monet's house and garden. The main bit of the garden which claimed to be in the English style, frankly needed to try harder but oh the bit over the road, the water lily ponds that he painted so often, were breathtaking, I could have sat their all day losing my breath without help from shrunken mets or post-operative scarring. I liked his house too and noticed that everything was gleaming, methinks Monsieur Monet didn't do any of the scrubbing and probably not Madame either. This probably explains why I have not become a great master to date or indeed a great mistress, too much scrubbing to do.


  1. So glad that you are in France now and have a chance to rest and enjoy all the beauty of the landscape! Wish you a wonderful time!

  2. Talking about lovely gardens, saw the winner of the Chelsea Flower Show this year. Liked the designer's story too; his partner of many years has recently passed away leaving him with three small children. When they went back to school in September, he went back to gardening. What a deserving reward for his talent. It shows that you really just have to keep going as much as you can, whatever your circumstances. Keep giving, keep contributing to others and stay connected to the broader community.