Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pink pee

After all the bed getting was easy, half an hour in the day room (I may try to go there at night to see if it morphs into anything more exciting) and then my bed was ready. It's in a six bed ward and very different from the rooms I had in Perigueux and Dresden. Most noticeable is that there only seem to be three loos and no shower for the whole ward and that is not just my bit, there are chaps over the corridor and a row of single room sans loo. So I have nipped in quickly this morning and done my at the sink five minutes wonder wash which includes hair at the moment and put on a bit of lippy.

At the moment quite attractively my lips match my pee. It's a very fetching shade of what my friend, Julie, would call granny's pink, which is appropriate. This is as a result of a Tom and Jerry sized joke needle full of very bright pink stuff that was injected into my arm last night, it was the dox bit of the dox/ifos partnership. Ifos going in now and for rest of day and night, along with things to stop me feeling sick, things to protect my bladder as Ifos is not bladder friendly and steroids to help me in my 2012 Olympic ambitions I presume.

So far I feel OK, long way to go I know, worst thing so far is cricking my neck to write this on one of those 'let me relieve you of 10 quid so you can watch crap' media centres that hang threateningly over every bed.

Have just heard the bed manager telling two people they have a bed and three they don't. She went passed the end of the ward and I heard her say how much she hates doing that. There has got to be a better way. I was quite snug in my bed last night having pulled the curtains round me to make my own little cocoon.

So far then experience can be summed up as bedded, pink and potentially smelly, let's see what today brings!

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