Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The answer to life the universe and everything

Just changed my profile and moved a year on to mark our anniversary and am hoping I will be doing it as a matter of course for many years in the future. Forty two years eh, so why did I marry so young and how have we made it last so long? In answer to the first question well why not? I really didn't see it as some sort of surrender of my youth and freedom; but a real leap forwards into the only thing I knew I wanted to do at that time. Also there was absolutely no chance of just moving in together in working class Birmingham in 1968, or of going on the pill until you could show them your wedding banns. So much for the swinging sixties; we had spent three years having a fantastic time avoiding anything that might get me pregnant - lessons that have served us in good stead ever since - but it was getting a bit wearing. We didn't have to save as the whole wedding only cost about £50, so why wait?

I can't say I have ever regretted that I was married when I was at university and in those heady days when life did start to swing in the 70s; I was and probably still am hopeless at saying no so I would have been in all sorts of trouble I am sure; and after all I had all that my peers were running around feeling angst about.

Next question how have we made it last? Well God knows and I have no helpful tips for others. I will list all the ways we are different and all the ways we are not and you can draw your own conclusions.


* I see the glass brimming from the top; he sees it with a few dregs in the bottom

* He worries about everything and I worry about very little

* I think money is to spend NOW and he likes to save for the future - for the rainy day of course

* He reads around the subject, reads books about physics and stuff and I skim the surface of millions of novels

* He was mostly bad cop and I was mostly good cop when bringing up the kids; boy did they notice when we reversed roles!


* Religion - none

* Politics - socialist

* We like the same art, films and telly

* We love to eat together

* We love the same places

* We have the same friends

* We adore our kids and grandkids

* We are both terrified of being without the other one

So on that note off I go with slightly less hair, yes it's starting to shed, to eat my way into more memories and to start the journey into year 43.

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