Thursday, February 24, 2011

That time of year again

I can change my profile again, today is our 43rd wedding anniversary. I have got through another milestone and beaten the odds again. 43 may be a prime number and you all know I have a thing about primes. On Tuesday next week it will be my third son, Luke's, 31st birthday, another prime number but I have enough problems without developing a full blown prime number phobia. I blame our old friend, Rudy, who used to teach me telephone numbers by breaking them down into primes.

As I type the two most gorgeous twin boys in the whole wide world are grizzling in the background. They arrived for a visit from France yesterday and they are miraculously beautiful. This is their first time abroad, they are two months old and they are meeting a lot of their relations for the first time.

Two sets of lovely friends have just left after making me laugh all afternoon, and we have booked to go out to lunch with one set, Sue and Mick, a month from today, at a posh restaurant in Oxfordshire.

On Saturday we plan a big birthday celebration for Luke, when the whole family is together now, we add up to 16. So our feast will have to be eaten on laps (we have taken away our stretchy dining table to house my electric super comfortable hospital type bed). I will make a trifle; starters will be spring rolls, nems and some spicy skewered prawns made by the birthday boy; main course Beef Rendang made by Jess and Tom. Julie and Sam have bought wine and lovely smelly french cheese.

Now the babies are quietening down and there is a lovely golden twilight outside. I have a house full of flowers sent from friends.

I am a very happy long-married woman


  1. Congratulations! Go for another 5 (prime number!!!) years in the first run and then let's see! Have a wonderful time with the whole family!

  2. Congratulations, Jean. Forty-three is a number to be proud of. The upcoming festivities with 16 sound like a wonderful celebration for son’s birthday. Happy Anniversary to you and sweet spouse.

  3. Congrats. Jean & Stewart - 43 years of bledded wiss! Puts me in mind of that photo in Lightwoods Park of you cuddling up to Stewart and a huge lovely smile all over your face ...
    D&G xx

  4. Happy Anniversary both ... asti spumante and vol-au-vents all round I hope! x

  5. Congratulations! I like 43 as I've always liked numbers that add up to seven. Anyhoo, it's a long time with a loved one and that's worth shouting about.
    Dinner sounds've made my tummy rumble!

  6. Jean,

    Prime numbers. I did that, because it made you giggle.