Monday, February 14, 2011

Keep watching

Sorry folks won't be able to update the blog until Wednesday at the earliest now. Quick resume so you know the jist.

Went home last Wednesday, all fine
Thursday developed dreadful urinary infection, delirium, total madness
Back in hospital
Friday whoozy but better
Had ct scan on brain, no mets but showed recent bleed caused by urinary madness
They need to observe for 5 days
If I become confused they operate- very simple bit of black and deckering (drilling)

All a bit dramatic and it's a good job I have a good book on the go: Sophie"s Choice. Not a cheery tale I know but I am loving every minute of it

Last night we had a party on the ward for our friend Chris and so I am making the best of a bad job as ever.


  1. Is that called trepanning or some such thing? I think it's when you do it to yourself though so please don't start experimenting, I know you know an awful lot about hospitals but I am sure that that's one that should be left to the experts. Anyway I am sure that the bleed will disperse itself and you will be back to your "normal" self. If it was me having a rave I don't know if you would be able to tell the difference. See you later babe.
    Julie xx

  2. Oh Jean - umbelievable. You never get it easy....thinking of you
    x dot

  3. Thinking of you and holding you up to the universal healing power, Jean. May each step we take lead the way to Peace.