Friday, October 29, 2010


I knew it was bad news when the phone rang and it was David Peake, my oncologist at about 10 o'clock this morning. Oh hello how are you I say, as you do and he asks the same of me and then says that the radiology doctor had alerted him because one of the blobs in my right lung that neither the Germans or the chemo got is wrapping itself around my spine and this is not good news as it will bugger up my nerves and my legs and maybe make me poo my pants. Well I didn't thank goodness despite the lurch in my stomach, and rushed off to the hospital to start immediate radiotherapy thinking that I have been going on about the pain in my shoulder by my spine for some time. In fact I had stopped going on about it and put it down to RSI from my new obsession with Scramble on my Iphone - my score is 98 and if I don't get it to a 100 I will not die a happy woman.

When I say immediately have radiotherapy I got to the hospital by about 11.30, waited to see himself, saw the pictures of the snake around my spine, had a natter, signed my life away and then had to wait for the processes to unfold. Number One was an IV jab of steroids. This may make you feel as if you are sitting on nettles she said and yes it did. Two days before, the jab in the scan had gone straight to my rude bits and being a bit weird I quite enjoyed it, this was slightly more disarming, is this a pleasant or downright horrible, sado masochistic type experience. It went straight down there and was like being beaten by razor wire, not that I ever have been of course.

Then eventually up for another scan to get the target just right, and tattoo me. Just a ragged blob, no Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for me, well I am not that good on motor bikes or computer hacking or indeed sado masochism, so what can I expect? That was over at 2ish and then we had the long wait till about 5.00pm when I had my two second blast under the machine. I must go back tomorrow, round the back, because it's closed really and for the next nine days. This is a pre-emptive strike says David but we don't talk about what will happen if it doesn't work or only works for a while.

So spine tingling stuff, we drop a bit in the morale stakes but have just been out for a curry and half a bottle of wine and tomorrow I will get that magic 100 despite all of it being a bit of a pain in the neck.


  1. jean

    Bugger! So sorry to hear about the nasty met and hope the DXT works well.
    Much love

  2. Bugger indeed!
    Sending positive thoughts and love your way.
    Hope you got your 100 score.
    x x x x x

  3. Jean, we have been away for vacations for a while and I wasn't online. I'm so sorry to hear that. At the same time I'm keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that the treatment is going to work. Sending all my positvie entergy to you!

  4. Jean, hoping that the radiotherapy (zapping), is not too bad. Those spot tatoos never look good...though I'm not going to join the dots up on mine (three random placed ones on my front and two on back - will make a strange pattern!!).
    Sending HUGS
    Kathryn X

  5. jean, I have been looking at the blog for sometime and admiring your courage and humour.This is a bugger as the others say.. do you remember the parties at number 76?

  6. Hi Celia and yes how could I forget those parties!