Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Curly tops

My hair definitely has a wave in it. Not waving goodbye anymore but waving hello to a new curly me. It has always been dead straight. I didn't need to iron it when it fell down to my waist in the 60s; my Mom had it razor cut for a couple of years, whatever that is, in the hope that this might make a wave happen. She used to curl it round a few grips and even the odd roller in the hope of getting her dream daughter to materialise. Nothing would make it curl. Even I tried to get the Farrah Forcett look in the 70s and had a perm, but I could only afford the local salon where the old ladies went and ended up looking like a Brillo Pad.

But now the curls have finally arrived, I am really not sure what to do with them, how to live with them. Luckily it's still very short so it's not going wild, I don't have ringlets or kiss curls but wonder if it's just a matter of time. It's like getting a baby or a pet late in life when you have lived without one for ever. I may need to go to curly hair classes or consult a few of my wavy friends.

I am wondering if anything else is growing back kinked, maybe my politics and I'll start thinking Nick Clegg is a good thing or my atheism, I might start lighting candles or muttering the rosary. If you see either of those things happening dear friends, I think it will be clear that in fact I am not waving but drowning and for goodness sake, pull me back and lock me up.


  1. Count on it, gal pal, we love you too much to allow religion bus to crush you. Waves can be fun, when mine is short I brush it straight back.

  2. am just curious if there is any photographic evidence of the 70's perm? hope you are well jean - often in my thoughts... keep being in birmingham (my mum not too good) but you keep being in france (but thats all to your good) big hugs x

  3. Yes we have evidence, in fact I was in the local paper not because the perm was such a laugh but because I was running a campaign. I'll let you know when we are back in Brum and you can have tea and photos x

  4. let me tell you all that it was not a good look, I am luckily enough young enough not to have lived through that particular embarrassment, but the photos are shocking. in fact you have been pretty chic my whole life and what I thought were awful jumpsuits you donned in the 80s have become a staple of my wardrobe!!Unfortunately the 80s are back in every way and david steel is now in bed with margaret thatcher. Your curls are the only new development everything else is so retro!