Friday, September 10, 2010

Beating the odds

It was exactly a year ago today if you go by the days not the date, when I asked how long he said an average of a year. So if I make it to tomorrow I am beating the odds. I feel fine except on Tuesday morning I slipped on the stair of an inn that has certainly beaten the odds and made it to 500 years old. So now I have a bruised bum and jarred operation bits.

It's a funny old life when you have a death sentence hanging over you. I think I will make it to 02/11 and so my credit card will expire before I do. Not sure about the passport though 2015 for that one. The really good thing is I can take on long contracts for stuff and not let them know I may run out before they do.

The latest is an IPhone, not the new version I am not posh enough for that, but the one before that. Each of my friends and family who have one of these little beauties has assured me, separately, that it is going to change my life (but perhaps not my life expectancy). So far it's just meant that I feel really old as I struggle with syncing, or sinking in my case, and that I have spent this morning retyping in my contacts because I couldn't work out how to sync those with my old phone or my PC. I have also forgotten the password to our wireless connection so can't put that in either.

Yesterday when it came in its wrapping and today as I cocked up most of the names I was typing in on the super sensitive touch screen, I realised yet again how useful fingernails are and how, literally, ham-fisted you feel without them. Earlier I had actually wept as I tried to put on my brand new compression stocking, I had to keep lying down between lunges at the unrelenting fabric with my soft shell fingertips.

So my days over the odds have so far been hampered by the shock of the new but I will get Jess round and get her to prove to me how the dratted phone is going to change my life and later on today either by IPhone or by my old and trusty laptop I will book our crossing to France and from next Tuesday we will live out a few more bonus and, hopefully, IPhone transformed days in Gallic peace and tranquility.


  1. Oh Jean
    I know what you mean about the iPhone. I’m new to mine too (older version like yours) and am yet to be wholly convinced that its better than my old cheap faithful ‘pay as you go’. I still bite my nails so along with the predictive text, I send quite a few illegible texts and emails now. Image wise - looks great but cancelled out by dodgy messages. You must get the ‘angry birds’ app game though - hours of pointless blissful fun! xx

  2. Congretulations for beating the odds. I'm sure you beat much more in the future. Those little cancer cell bastards don't know whom they are dealing with. Show them who you are - the Olympic Games are waiting for you!

  3. Yes, Jean, congratulations! And thanks for the candour, humour and sheer inspirational humanity of your blog. Here's looking forward to many more!