Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Money, money, money

I find that this on/off dying malarkey pays havoc with budgeting. Not that I was ever that good at it and am definitely of the any excuse for a splurge, let's close our eyes to the consequences, school of economics. I was quite enjoying the pensioner's plight of living off a daily pittance, well about £40 to be exact which should be manageable even with my psyche. I kept a daily tally and loved the days when we only reached about £2.45. And then the cancer man said you might only have a year, go and have a good time. So off we went and blasted about £6K of our savings on hedonism Italian style and then we thought better hold off, and then they found the lumps in my leg, liver and lymphs and so off we went again, eating our way around the Dordogne and buying the odd small library and another few thousand went the way of all flesh. Now the xray has come up trumps and so it's back to watching the pennies. Boom and bust Trainor style; I may start taking lessons from the heartless Messrs Osborne and Armstrong and cut, cut, cut; but frankly I prefer to spend, spend, spend and do my small bit to boost the economy, and my morale, while I can still taste, walk and wonder.


  1. This made me laugh!
    Not sure how well you're doing with the cutting back - could have sworn I saw you heading off with a bottle of wine tonight - I assumed you were all off to a restaurant rather than to sit on a park bench???
    ENJOY !!! X

  2. I am with you on the enjoy it while you can train of thought; my younger sister died at 49 two years ago unexpectedly.

  3. Oh Jean, now I feel much better for thinking things like, "I need to buy that $398 Coach purse because it might be the Last Purse I Ever Carry..."