Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's a wonderful world

Just got back from another lovely market, this time in Terrason, bought apricots, veal escalopes and girolle mushrooms which tomorrow I will whiz up into a bonne repas, I hope. We had breakfast, croissants and pain au raisin in a little pavement cafe where a hurdy gurdy man or chanteur was playing and singing, he played parlez moi d'amour which is one of my all time favourites and I thought: well life can't get much better than this. OK it may not happen next year but then maybe the hurdy gurdy man will go somewhere else and the boulangerie may mess up its croissants and the sun may not shine; so we enjoy the moment and let it rest at that.

I do sometimes wonder though if the fates are conspiring against us, one of our favourite restaurants the Belle Etoile in beautiful La Roque Gageac is closed at the moment. I rang the first week we were here to reserve a table using my best French which is just a little better than hopeless. The man said they were closed because of a problem, that was as much as I could understand but I have since learnt that a 320 ton piece of rock is threatening to fall onto the village exactly above said favourite restaurant. Now come on fates, it's fantastic food, it's cheap and it has a view to die for literally it would seem. I do not have endless opportunities to enjoy all of this, so come on sort your act out.

Thanks for all the nail advice by the way, I am soaking and stroking my finger ends regularly and Amazon are whistling over silica tablets as I type. I will soon be able to scratch my itches again and if the rock pinners work hard enough I can do so discreetly while answering the itch to eat at the Belle Etoile.


  1. Glad you've made it . See you soon lol jane and Robert

  2. Re the nails: I recommend Revitanail Nail Strengthener. It's a nail polish and comes well tested and recommended from this part of the world.

    We have had such a cold winter here in Melbourne and finally we are having some days with warm sunshine and blue skies.

    Have decided to rejuvenate the front garden and turn it into something special before spring approaches.

    Went off to a local nursery today and bought pots of pansies with a particular colour scheme in mind; one that will suit the exterior sludgy pale pink and ivory trim of this house.
    It's a Victorian weatherboard cottage. 'Cottagish' on the outside and renovated throughout.

    Colour scheme for the small front garden is evergreen pittosporum trees, English box, mauve and white convolvulus spilling through the picket fence onto the foot path and as of this afternoon, solid white, antique pink and white/purple splotched pansies together with lavender blue violas interplanted between the English box. Ah, and plenty of self seeded Green Goddess lilies. The more they have water, the more they grow.

    Post-chemo nails and post-treatment people need plenty of distraction of a positive kind.