Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hot headed

This morning to the market at Exideuil and try to pronounce that if you can. Bought luscious cherries and four different sorts of pork from the black bummed pork butcher: belly which I will try to do slowly a la Heston; p√Ęte de campagne which is the best in the country, tongues cooked in a slice, more delicious than it sounds and common old pork chops. Also bought an ancien baguette which dipped in the melting butter at lunch time was probablly the best bread I have ever eaten.

And why was the butter melting? Because reader it is hot hot hot here. It means I have to keep taking off my headwrap even though it's made of lovely natural silk; believe you me your head gets hotter without hair, wrapped up it does anyway. It sweats like mad so now I know why my Dad used to wear that fetching knotted handkerchief in the summer, the accompaniment to his string vest and rolled up trousers. So I have pulled out an old straw hat that flops all over my face to plonk on when I move outside but I fear that the populace of Maumont, all eleven of them, are seeing more of my bald head than I, and most definitely they, would prefer. I am hoping however that the sun will encourage growth and that the very boiled and currently steaming egg look will gradually become a thing of the past.

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  1. Find myself positively dreaming about warm weather, not too hot mind you, as it is so very cold here in Melbourne at present.
    Have even taken to placing a heated wheat pack in our almost 17 year old puddy tat's basket before she retires for the night.
    Was going to suggest you try a natural fabric for the head wrap; something like cotton voile, peut-etre ? Something that will breathe.
    In regard to the insects and such, I have to say I am not at all PC. I flush out a can of odourless, hypoallergenic 'knock-em-dead' spray and proceed to go for it with all the focus I can muster.
    Regardless, I don't even think about rolled up newspapers, let me tell you. It would bring me far too close to a said subject eg: spider for my liking.