Sunday, May 29, 2011

Infinite possibilities

It was the Jersey man telling me that I could fly that did it. Then Pat my lovely friend said why don't you go down to Maumont then. I had read that the civilised French hired out hoists and beds form the local pharmacy, they also provide district nursing services at about 10 euros a day. Then we discussed how we might adapt the entrance to the house to take the wheelchair with a little help from our friends, and how we might get Chris and Denise, our friends from over the road who were going anyway, to drive our wheelchair accessible car to Bergerac to pick us up from the flight from Birmingham. Et voila Guillame est votre oncle.

We will have to move the table out of the kitchen and turn it into a sitting room and pray for good weather so that we can eat outside, we will have to bring one of the single beds down from upstairs so that Stewart can sleep downstairs with me but that is petit bier considering the benefits. So we are getting our canards in a row, we will ditch Jersey as we only made a provisional booking and head for Maumont instead.

Can't believe it might be possible.


  1. This is just absolutely wonderful, marvelous news, Jean!! I'm so excited and happy for you. Who needs hotels when you have Maumont! Not to mention the local Michelin starred restaurants there. Ahhh, those civilised French. Perhaps Maumont will become the oeuvre you've been searching for. Don't forget your paints.

  2. Oh joy of joys! ..and absolutely don't forget your paints! xxx

  3. Yay !~! What a lovely opportunity to see and breathe and relax and PAINT... wonderful news, Jean.

  4. What brilliant news. Hope it all comes together for you. x