Monday, March 14, 2011

Grandma Moses

I have taken up painting.It's sometimes a bit hard trying to do it in bed - ooh er missus... I only spend about five hours out of bed each day now as I get tired but I manage to paint propped up against my pillows, swathed in aprons to keep the watery colours from invading the sheets. Chris over the road, who is an art teacher, is giving me guidance. He's doing a good job, after realising that saying just play around with the paint, wasn't enough for someone who hasn't painted since she was 18 and then it was with the dreaded powder paint on sugar paper. Yesterday I moved away from circles and dribbling colours down the paper to an actual picture of a bronze model we have. It's not half bad even though I say so myself but I already have enormous ambitions and want to loosen up, become expressive, find my oeuvre, hit the world of art like Grandma Moses did when she was supposed to be finished.

Perhaps it's something to do with feeling a limit on my existence that makes me want to make a mark on the world. Anyway for now I will just make a mark on the paper and see where we go from there.


  1. Hey, that's great Jean! Nothing more therapeutic, absorbing and ultimately, very satisfying. Is that your work above?

  2. If only! No that is Grandma Moses. She didnt start painting till she was in her 70s and became very famous, You can see her work in Musee D'Orsy, Tate, guggenheim etc. She worked about the time of the impessionists I think

  3. Wonderful! I'm so glad that a woman, and an old woman at that, managed to carve herself a name at that time. You rarely hear about the Old Mistresses do you?